Preserving wood via burning the surface is an over 1000 year old Japanese technique and is called "shou sugi ban" or "yakisugi". In europe farmers and landowners burned pasture poles before they were placed in the soil for longer preservation. 

Burned Wood has rediscovered this technique and applies it as exclusive Burned Wood designs for interior and exterior applications.


Burned Wood preserves wood through surface combustion. By burning wood it is more resistant to the weather, insects and fungi. In addition, an important property is the fire resistance after burning. Wood that has already burned fires less quickly.
After rediscovering this old Japanese technique, Burned Wood has become very enthusiastic about the technical characteristics and at least as crazy about the appearance of this pure product. The beautiful craquelé that arises after burning that differs in every type of wood and even in every plank is truly unique. Burned Wood developed the burning technique, which has resulted in several variants and applications. A number of examples have been included under projects.

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Fabian Damhuis, Milchbar

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Burned Wood produces various types of burned wood / Shou Sugi Ban products, every type of wood has its own character. Some recently applied examples are displayed in this section. The photos concern:

  • Burned Wood Accoya® (preserverd radiata pine)
  • Burned Wood Douglas
  • Burned Wood Douglas brushed
  • Burned Wood Douglas brushed and stained (available in all RAL-colors)


The application of Burned Wood was determined in good cooperation with designers and the client. The room dividers ensure a neat separation of work and consultation rooms in the open workspace. The diffuse surface of the Burned Wood ensures a good recording and distribution of the sound, which improves the acoustics. The combination of rough and wide shelves Burned Wood Douglas with a tight white stucco wall creates a nice contrast. Applied Burned Wood Douglas is fixed deeply burned. Due to fixation with an oil it does not matter anymore and Burned Wood maintains the deep matt black look, although it gives a surprising reflection in sunlight.


Burned Wood has been closely involved in the design of this modern home in the new neighborhood Roombeek in Enschede, which is full of nice architecture. Together with architect Burned Wood has determined the type of Burned Wood which is applied. The Burned Wood is applied as vertical siding. The deeply burned Douglas is treated with oil to fixate the burned surface. 


In the new interior of Grand Café de Dominee the chice was made for Burned Wood Douglas brushed. Kroeze Interieur has designed and installed the new interior. 


Please feel free to contact us with questions about your project or for a quote. If you are an architect, interior designer, garden or landscape architect, contractor or private person we are happy to share thoughts on the right application for the best results.